How To Get Free PSN Codes?

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Free PSN Codes

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Free PSN Codes, What is it?

A PSN Code refers to a PlayStation Network code. This is one of the multiple payment methods offered by Sony to purchase games in the PlayStation Store.

Yes, we understand, playing on a PlayStation is expensive!

It is mostly used by younger persons who don’t have a credit card and therefore can’t purchase there PSN subscription online. There are multiple locations where you can buy them. An example would be the nearest retail game store or petrol station. It is very simple to exchange your card for in-game credit. Every PSN Gift Card includes its own unique code.

All the codes are 100% unused

This code represents a certain value that is expressed in the number of dollars or any other currency used in your country. In order to exchange the code, you should visit the PS Store. Here you can simply enter it and the PSN free will be added to your personal wallet.

How to redeem codes for the PS4?

Once you acquired you free PSN card it is evident that you will need to take some steps before you can start spending your Free PlayStation Money. The first requirement is that you have an online PS Account where you can redeem the ps4 code.

You need an account to redeem a code

If you don’t have one you can create one on your console or on the official website of PlayStation. Once you are logged into your account you will navigate towards the store. Here, you will search for the button that states “redeem code” in the left navigation bar. You simply enter the unique sequence of digits that is indicated on your PlayStation Store Code and click on the button below.

Wait some time

Now you are finished and you should wait for the money to show. If you need any more information regarding the PSN Code Generator you can contact us directly through the contact form. And don’t forget to spread the word, about this awesome service that provides you with a working method for Free PSN cards!

Free PSN Code Generator is it safe?

If you use our Free PSN Generator 2018, you are 100% protected by our advanced proxy system that works for all country’s. This System is based on the best security tweak to protect your information!. We can say that we made a waterproof system, this means that nobody ever would know that you have been using our generator. Keep in mind that we are hacking the code and you only claim them by our service. So, in this case, PSNCore Customers are 100% from any issue you can think off. Besides that, we make use of and Cloudflare protect so even your IP address is not stored or something like that. The most important part is that the Free PlayStation or Free PlayStation Plus Codes are showed on our website, so you do not need to fill in your email address or other personal information. If you do not want to be scammed and you are looking for Free PlayStation Plus Codes you are on the right website. The safest and fasted website that provide cards2018 is we. We are so proud of our service that we try to promote it and we ask you to share us on facebook so you can promote us. This is also the only thing that we need in return for our Free Ps plus codes services. So do not wait any longer and claim your codes PSN Free now.

Free PSN Codes features

What are Free PSN Codes and what can you do with it? New PlayStation Gamers are sending us an email about this question since day one. So you have generated a unique PSN Code on our website but you do not know what to do with it or you just have a PlayStation want to download a new game.

So first things first. Let us explain one more time what a PlayStation code is and how you can use it for your PlayStation. PlayStation Codes have many features all those features will be explained in this paragraph.

Adding money to your PSN account

The first thing that a PSN code offers is just money. You will get the same value as the card/code on your PlayStation account. With this money value on your account, you are able to buy the thing in the PlayStation Store.

Free ps4 games

With this money value, you can buy things in the PlayStation Store such a the newest games and extension packets like DLC’s, skins and many more. So since the money / PlayStation card is free so that makes it Free PS4 games since you get it in the end for free.

Free PS Plus Codes

Besides that, you are also able to get Free PS Plus Codes to play online with your friends or downloading the monthly Free PS4 games that are available for members that have a PlayStation Plus subscription. The PlayStation plus has a lot of great features by itself so if you need to choose between a game and a PlayStation Plus subscription. You definitely should get a PlayStation Plus subscription, this has several reasons. Now in 2019, most games require to play online another is that you will get some free games with PlayStation Plus so you will have 2 big benefits.

It’s not only ps4

You can not only buy things for your PlayStation 4 but you can also buy things for your PSP, PS Vita and even PlayStation 3.


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